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Enable 4k UHD video streaming in Firefox

y default, Firefox does not support the VP9 WebM codec sites like YouTube use to deliver 4k quality video. If you visit a video that supports 4k you won’t even see the option available under the Quality menu.

Test video:

To enable it:

  1. visit about:config
  2. search for webm
  3. double click media.mediasource.webm.enabled


And now refresh YouTube result

doriankarter June 21, 2018

Show All Pivotal Stories With Blockers

Within the past year Pivotal Tracker added a feature that allows you to mark stories with blockers. These are visual indicators with a description that are used to show a particular story is blocked, that is, it cannot be completed until something else is taken care of.

In order to maintain the health of the project, it is good to triage these blocked stories from time to time. The best way to identify all of the blocked stories is to filter them into their own column.

Enter is:blocked into the search bar to show all of the blocked stories.

Focus The URL Bar

There are a lot of things you can do in the browser without having to reach for the mouse. Bringing the URL bar into focus is one of those things.

Hit Cmd+L in any modern browser (I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) and the URL bar will be brought into focus. From there, you can quickly change the URL of the current tab and your fingers never left the keyboard.

h/t Jake Worth

Search Tweets By Author

Twitter has some advanced search features that allow you to do more than just search by keyword. The from:<author> syntax is the way that you can restrict your search results to a specific twitter user.

twitter from search

By using "pair programming" from:hashrocket, I am able to find all of the tweets by @hashrocket that use the exact phrase pair programming.

Exclude Whitespace Changes From GitHub Diffs

If you run a tidy ship and use plugins like vim-spacejam, then whitespace changes cluttering up your git diffs probably isn’t much of an issue.

However, if you are working with other people or messier code bases, then you may not be so lucky. If there are a bunch of whitespace changes in a commit, then that is going to make the diff view of a commit on GitHub annoying, and perhaps hard, to read.

You can cut to the chase by excluding whitespace changes from GitHub’s diff view by adding w=1 to the diff URL.

Check out this view of the diff and then this view of the diff that excludes whitespace.


Add Emoji To GitHub Repository Description

GitHub restricts the set of unicode characters that can appear in the description field of a repository to anything up to 0xffff. Most emoji have unicode values above this. This means you will have limited success adding emoji via your system’s emoji keyboard.

Fortunately, GitHub allows you to add any recognized emoji to a repository description with its specialized emoji syntax (e.g. :memo:). You may have used this syntax in other parts of GitHub such as the issue tracker.

If you add an emoji like this:

it will show up like so:

Check out this Emoji Cheat Sheet for the names of all recognized emojis.